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FCT is looking for Directors to propose shows for our upcoming 2018-2019 Main Season, as well as for our December 2017 show.

FCT’s season consists of 5 productions: a “classic” musical, a “contemporary” musical, a “classic” drama, comedy or mystery, and a more contemporary non-musical as well, with the fifth show selected to balance out the other four.

We also seek directors who would like to work with our youth program, or who would like to propose an alternative production as an add-on to the Main Season.  Our youth activities typically take place in June, July or August, but workshops could be scheduled at any time of the year.  We are looking to schedule both our Summer 2017 and Summer 2018 youth programs at this time.

Please download the attached Director Proposal form(page 2 is optional at this stage) and when complete, email to You may submit as many proposals as you like; please be sure to mention any limitations as to time periods when you would not be available to do the show. Please don’t delay in responding – our Artistic Committee will need to make decisions about the 2017-2018 season by end of 2016.  Our next meeting is in late August; you will be notified of the date if we have received your proposal by that time, and you are welcome to attend.”