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Auditions for The Wizard of Oz

Thank you all for auditioning! It was a very hard decision. Please email
me at with your acceptance or regrets. Scroll down to see full cast list. There is rehearsal tomorrow from 630 to 830 at Our Saviour Lutheran Church, 6194 Dumfries Road, Warrenton for Music Rehearsal for the following cast members:

Bevin Hester
Ashby Nye
Timothy Burhouse
Maddie Turner
Laila Kennedy
Josh Vest
Geniveve Feno
Clara Luetkemeyer
Mary Ellen Underwood
Sydney Ferris
Johnny McNiff
Alex Remily
Aubrey Gibson
Annabelle Sutliff
Emmy Beach
Sydney West
Trinity Boyd
Alexa Meriweather
Keelin Nye

Full cast rehearsal on Thursday at Sibby’s upstairs from 630 to 830. Address is 11 South 2nd Street, Warrenton Va:


Dorothy Bevin Hester
Aunt Em Laila Kennedy
Hunk/Scarecrow Ashby Nye
Zeke/Lion Josh Vest
Hickory/tin man Timothy Burhouse
Miss Gulch/wicked witch Megan Moore
Toto Isla Philips
Professor Marvel/Wizard/Oz voice Shane Koehr
Glinda Madison Turner
Munchkin 1/Monkey Genivive Feno
Munchkin 2/monkey Clara Luetkemeyer
Mayor/Nikko Mary Ellen Underwood
Barrister/Monkey Sydney Ferris
City Father 1/Monkey Johnny McNiff
City Father 2/Monkey Alexandria Remily
Coroner/Monkey Aubrey Gibson
Lullaby League/monkey Annabelle Sutliff
Lullaby league/monkey Sydney West
Lullaby league/Monkey Emmy Beach
Tough munchkin/monkey Trinity Boyd
Tough Munchkin/monkey Merlin Nye
Tough Munchkin/monkey Alexa Meriwether
Munchkin/monkey Lucy Underwood
Munchkin/monkey Connor Koehr
Munchkin/monkey Brianna Miller
Munchkin/Monkey Connor Pike
Munchkin/Monkey Joshua Fahy

Cat/monkey Madeline Hanover
Winkie Guard/lady in a rocking chair/Ozian Alex Borg
Winkie Guard/rowboat man 1/Oz/leader Kayla LaFroth
Winkie Guard/Rowboat Man 2/Oz Logan Taylor
Winkie Guard/cow/Oz Addie Hitzel
Winkie Guard/crow/Oz Annelise Borst
Winkie Guard/crow/Oz Mattie Cooke
Winkie guard/apple tree 1/Oz Helen Messick
Winkie guard/apple tree 2/Oz Rachel Luetkemeyer
Winkie guard/apple tree 3/Oz Ceili Koehr
Optimistic voices/Winkie guard/Oz Amanda Crossen
Optimistic voices/Winkie guard/Oz Emily Copland
Optimistic voices/Winkie guard/Oz Alyssa Gilmore
Jitterbug/Oz Jessica Farewell
Jitterbug/Oz Dominique Herring
Jitterbug/Oz Emma Hughes
Jitterbug/Oz Sarah Spagnolo
Jitterbug/Oz Carlee Spagnolo
Jitterbug/Oz Gwenny Verity
Jitterbug/Oz Annabella Ramos
Jitterbug/Oz Isabella McDonald
Jitterbug/oz Julia Downes
Jitterbug/oz Alexandra Nash
Jitterbug/oz Carolina Granja Mendoza
Jitterbug/oz Alyssa Gilmore
Ozian Katie Schlenker
Oz/Winkie Lily Von Herbulis
Oz/Winkie Sophia McNiff